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Hi Gregor,

You are right. I don't really get any info directly from the EoL other than
some names, or the authorship of a name I have manually.

I have started to link to images on DBpedia and if I pull any in because the
 links are unstable then I add the image metadata in the RDF.

It is my understanding that thumbnails representations 128x128 or 135x95 or
smaller are ok to use, based on cases involving Google and Bings use of

It would be useful to create an open but attributed set of images for each
species that we could share.

It is my understanding that if they are open, Amazon might be willing to
host them for free.

I would like to be able to link to specimens in GBIF etc or publications in
the BHL that contain at least a minimal amount of metadata.

* It would also be useful to have a standard set of URI's that could be used
to track credit to ITIS etc. I could create a simple RDF vocabulary for this
but it might be best to
  have it hosted at TDWG, EoL or GBIF.

- Pete

On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 3:41 AM, Gregor Hagedorn <g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com>wrote:

> > There is no reason that the EoL, GBIF or both could not adopt and take
> > ownership of what I am working on.
> I think one of the problems is that we have no model of collaborative
> working under Open Source / Open Content licenses in the biodiversity
> community. Most try to define unlicensed monopolies (whether for
> commercial exploitation or just the next grant).
> EoL is almost exclusively build on closed content (with bilateral
> agreements allowing them to display the "Creative Commons
> Non-Commercial" content). I don't imply this is a failure of EoL, it
> is the status of the community.
> As a result, there is no "we" and little synergies.
> Gregor

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