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Hannu Saarenmaa hannu at bioshare.com
Fri Jan 14 20:54:39 CET 2011

Good points.  There seems to be a lot of potential use for dc:creator.  
However, one thing to consider is that dc:creator implies IPR issues.  
"observer" or "recorder" would be more neutral.

For the specimen there is dwc:collector, although it is being used also 
for observations where nothing was collected, and where dwc:identifiedby 
might be a bit more correct, semantically.


On 2011-01-14 16:29, Steve Baskauf wrote:
> It seems to me that part of the problem here is that there are several 
> types of resources that are being mixed.  There is the specimen 
> itself, there is the image of the specimen, and there is the metadata 
> record.  The person digitizing the specimen is the dc:creator of the 
> specimen image.  The collector of the specimen or the collector's 
> institution is the dc:creator of the specimen.  The person entering 
> the metadata into the computer or that person's institution is the 
> dc:creator of the metadata record.  Of course a lot of people aren't 
> going to care about this level of detail in keeping separate records 
> for those three types of resources.  But those same people also 
> probably aren't going to care about keeping separate records of who 
> all of the different creators are either.
> The same kind of issue exists with other terms, such as dc:language 
> and dcterms:created.  If you specify dc:language, is that the language 
> on the specimen label, the language of other things on the image (like 
> text on added scale bars), or the language of the metadata?  Again, I 
> think the solution is to be clear about what resource one is talking 
> about rather than to try to come up with separate terms for creator, 
> language, and created for three different types of resources.
> Steve
> Gregor Hagedorn wrote:
>> Using Creator is ok for the person digitizing the specimen (although
>> contributor may be more appropriate), but the person who originally
>> wrote the label is an dc:creator as well.
>> dcterms are meant to have a wide scope and by information-lossy. My
>> comment is only: do not define: if there is a dc:creator, then it was
>> the person who digitized.
>> Gregor
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