[tdwg-content] GUIDs for publications (usages and names)

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Concerning your perpetuity/sustainability questions, DOIs can be
transferred from one organization to another should something happen to
the journal/publisher/organization that minted the DOI in the first
place.  Also, DOIs live on in perpetuity should the organization
discontinue its membership.  It's also my understanding that if CrossRef
(as but one of several DOI registration agencies) goes out of business
then the DOIs continue to be resolved via the International DOI
Foundation, just without all the bibliometric services that CrossRef
provides (this cites that, this has been cited n times).  That's the
reason for the per-piece charge - you're buying into a resolution
service for that object & its identifier that considers persistence over
time to be of paramount importance.


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I second Rod's "V. cool!" proclamation!  I think this has the potential
to solve a lot of problems with DOIs (particularly for the old
literature).  It doesn't solve all the problems (e.g., we still need to
define the article-level units within BHL content, and we'll still need
to establish a system of GUIDs that can be applied to sub-article units,
such as treatments), but in the vast majority of cases, the DOIs will be
the ticket into the services of CrossRef.


I desperately want to comment on several points made in this thread
(which I've only read just now), but I'm currently travelling, so I'll
chime in later.





P.S. Question for Rod/Chris/anyone else concerning DOIs:  Does the
annual fee only apply to the ability to mint DOIs within a given year,
or does it also apply to resolving them?  Put another way, if BHL stops
paying its annual fee sometime in the future, will the already-minted
DOI's be resolvable into perpetuity, or will they stop being resolved at
that point?



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On 5 Jan 2011, at 15:25, Chris Freeland wrote:

And following on re: DOIs, BHL has become a member of CrossRef and
starting in February will begin assigning DOIs first to our monographs &
then on to journal content.  There is an annual fee for membership and
then a fee for every DOI assigned.  BHL is absorbing these costs for
community benefit.


V. cool! 








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