[tdwg-content] Treatise on Occurrence, tokens, and basisOfRecord [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Julian H humphries at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Oct 29 01:08:51 CEST 2010

As Stan said in an earlier message today:

"Back to the issue of event definition:  If Event is defined as just the
conjunction (association, intersection, join) of space and time, there is
nothing to tell you why this particular interval is of interest."

In other words the who and how and what they did that made the event 
of interest.


At 02:30 PM 10/28/2010, Richard Pyle wrote:
> > Yeah, some act took place at that place and time. In the
> > context of Occurrence, probably an act of sampling or
> > collecting, and so one should expect metadata documenting
> > that act (who, how, etc)
>As I alluded to in my previous post, it's not clear to me whether the who,
>how, etc. are intrinsic properties of the Event, or if the "Event" simply
>represents the single coordinate in 4-D space-time; and the other stuff is
>more a function of the Occurrence (i.e., more metadata about documenting the
>tuple of Event+Individual).  I can see rational arguments either way.  My
>inclination is that the word "Event" goes beyond merely the space-time
>coordinate, and implies some sort of "action".  As such, my inclination is
>to define the "Event" as more than just the 4D space-time coordinate, and
>include who, how, etc. as part of the "action" of the Event.
>As is probably obvious, I haven't throught this through extensively yet, so
>I reserve the right to change my mind.
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