[tdwg-content] To the list administrators

Amanda Neill aneill at brit.org
Tue Oct 19 23:51:48 CEST 2010

I am enjoying all the posts, but I'm getting them all twice, to the two
different e-mail accounts I used to sign up for the listserves (three
times if you count the g-mail that goes to my phone too)!

Can I suggest these conversations have moved long beyond bioblitz issues
and are now back to addressing the general things that have always found
a forum in the tdwg-content list?

Could we just ask the bioblitz subscribers to subscribe to tdwg-content
if they are still interested?  And quit cross posting more general
discussions to both lists?  That would be awesome.


Amanda K. Neill
Director of the Herbarium (BRIT-SMU-VDB)
Botanical Research Institute of Texas
500 E. 4th St. 
Fort Worth TX 76102    USA
phone  817-332-4441 ext. 217
fax  817-332-4112
aneill at brit.org

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