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I thought that people might find this useful and informative.

- Pete

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Subject: ANN: LOD Cloud - Statistics and compliance with best practices
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Hi all,

in the last weeks, we have analyzed which data sources in the new version of
the LOD cloud comply to various best practices that are recommended by W3C
or have emerged within the LOD community.

We have checked the implementation of the following nine best practices:

1. Provide dereferencable URIs
2. Set RDF links pointing at other data sources
3. Use terms from widely deployed vocabularies
4. Make proprietary vocabulary terms dereferencable
5. Map proprietary vocabulary terms to other vocabularies
6. Provide provenance metadata
7. Provide licensing metadata
8. Provide data-set-level metadata
9. Refer to additional access methods

The compliance with the best practices was either checked manually or by
using scripts that downloaded and analyzed some data from the data sources.
We have added the results of the evaluation in the form of tags to the LOD
data set catalog on CKAN [1].

We are now happy to release the first statistics about the structure of the
LOD could as well as the compliance of the datasets with the best practices.
The statistics can be found here:


The document contains an initial, preliminary release of the statistics. If
you spot any errors in the data describing the LOD data sets on CKAN, it
would be great if you would correct them directly on CKAN.

For information on how to describe datasets on CKAN please refer to the
Guidelines for Collecting Metadata on Linked Datasets in CKAN [2].

After your feedback and corrections, we will then move the corrected version
of the statistics to http://www.lod-cloud.net/ (around October 24th).

Have fun with the statistics and the encouraging as well as disappointing
insights that they provide.


Chris Bizer, Anja Jentzsch and Richard Cyganiak

[1] http://www.ckan.net/group/lodcloud

Pete DeVries
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