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Thu Sep 10 16:09:05 CEST 2009

Hi Kevin,

I think one of the roles of SPM (Species Profile Model) was to represent
the kind of data you mentioned:


A species profile points to a taxon concept (aboutTaxon) and may have
several pieces of information attached, including one for distribution.
Each piece of information should be able to indicate a geographical and/or
temporal context.

However, I don't know what is the current status of SPM and what are the
plans for it.

The invasive species group also defined terms for what you called
"biostatus". They called it "species status" and you can find more
information about the terms in the end of this page:


Best Regards,

> Absolutely, the invasive species people need to have their input here.
> Invasive species data is a great use case of biostatus data.
> There should be allowance for invasive attributes in the new Darwin Core,
> considering the invasive species group attempted to extend darwin core
> previously.
> I do believe biostatus applies to Taxon Concepts, not specimens (if that
> was what you were implying Stan), as you cannot really say that the
> specimen itself is invasive - it is the concept you have identified it to
> that can be deemed invasive, surely.
> Specimens can provide a "present" biostatus, but not "absent", nor
> biostatus origin, such as "exotic".  So they are a source of biostatus
> data, but I dont think they are objects that biostatus is strictly
> attributed to.
> Kevin

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