[tdwg-spm] Draft agenda on TDWG Wiki for SPM working session

Cynthia Parr parrc at si.edu
Tue Nov 3 19:19:51 CET 2009

Here is a preliminary agenda for the SPM I working session at TDWG on
Tuesday, 1100-1230:

I am in the process of recruiting relevant people to lead some of
these discussion items. Please feel free to volunteer. I'm especially
wondering if anybody has experience taking a TDWG standard through the
ratification process, as we will need your guidance.

If you plan to attend and want to add something to the agenda, please
email me. If you have any background material relevant to the
discussion items, you are invited to add it yourself to the wiki
whether you will be attending the session or not. Also, feel free to
start discussion on this mailing list before the session.

I will be adding to the background material over the next couple of
days and will bring hard copies to the session. Even if you don't have
a chance to review it in advance, you are welcome to attend the
session. We have more than 30 people who have expressed interest so it
should be a lively hour and a half!


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