[tdwg-tnc] Species profile model group meeting at TDWG 2007 Conference

Eamonn O Tuama eotuama at gbif.org
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So it looks like Sunday is not an option - there is also the related GISIN
invasive species group meeting that preceeds the TAG meeting.  I just
received a few responses and have to assume that the core people who
attended the Species Model Workshop in GBIF will be interested in attending
an SPM meeting. The only other option is to revert to the original Tues
afternoon 16.00-18.00 slot - sharing it with SDD. We could maybe have an
hour each and then join up for joint discussions.

Best regards,


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With hats on a TAG convener and TNC participant I would be keen for  
this meeting not to overlap with any TAG meeting scheduled for that day.

If they SPM is going to interoperate with SDD and TNS/TCS then it  
needs the TAG to get the mechanisms right.

The TAG meeting is currently scheduled between 14:00 and 17:00. We  
could squeeze a little but I don't want to go below 2 hours or it  
will be impossible to get anything achieved.

All the best,


On 3 Jun 2007, at 17:22, Eamonn O Tuama wrote:

> Dear TDWG TNC Member,
> We plan to hold a group discussion about the "Species Profile  
> Model" SPM
> (previously known as "Taxon Data Model") at the TDWG 2007 conference,
> possibly on Sunday 16th during the group meetings slot  
> (09.00-17.00). We are
> trying to gauge interest and potential numbers and to avoid clashes  
> with
> other parallel discussions that might be taking place.
> The SPM is intended to describe species facts (organised into  
> categories) as
> might appear in "species bank" type web applications like  
> Encyclopedia of
> Life or FishBase/SeaLifePortal.
> We do not intend to duplicate the work of TCS and SDD for  
> nomenclature and
> taxonomy but rather draw on them, and other TDWG standards, wherever
> appropriate. We want it to fit in with the TDWG technical  
> architecture and
> will work closely with all concerned to do this.  It seemed to us  
> that the
> SPM was sufficiently distinct to warrant set up a new group within  
> TDWG with
> cross linkages to other groups where appropriate.
> For a background, see the wiki here: http://wiki.tdwg.org/ 
> TaxonDataModel,
> and the summary of a recent workshop held at GBIF here:
> http://wiki.tdwg.org/twiki/bin/view/TaxonDataModel/ 
> SpeciesModelWorkshopRepor
> t.
> You can subscribe to the taxon-data-model mailing list here to follow
> developments and contribute:
> http://lists.tdwg.org/mailman/listinfo/taxon-data-model (mailing list
> information web page) taxon-data-model at lists.tdwg.org
> <mailto:taxon-data-model at lists.tdwg.org> (mailing list web address)
> Please reply to me directly to let me know if you are interested in
> attending the SPM workgroup during the TDWG conference. At this  
> stage it is
> purely to get a rough indication of numbers so there is no real  
> commitment
> required on your part.
> Best regards,
> Éamonn
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