[Biogeosdi] Who is working on the code?

Dave Vieglais vieglais at ku.edu
Tue Jun 26 15:38:23 CEST 2007

Hi All,
It should be apparent from the svn logs who's been working on stuff.

FYI - I'm really swamped at the moment with other work and really  
won't have a chance to even peek at biogeosdi until the second week  
of July.

Remember that this project was more to evaluate the status of  
existing standards, not really expecting a product at the end (though  
it would certainly be nice).  So issues like the namespace thing and  
so forth should be noted (and probably fixed where trivial), but  
details like that will be very important in a report as such things  
can be show stoppers for a deployed application.

Dave V.

On Jun 26, 2007, at 05:01, Javier de la Torre wrote:

> Hey guys,
> While editing the code to improve a little bit the documentation I  
> am more and more realizing that there has been some work on it  
> after the workshop. I see ocurrencesModel now have methids to  
> serialize to RSS and things like that... Who is working on this?  
> For what purpose? Just for curiosity! Thanks
> Javier.
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