[Biogeosdi] the EDIT connection

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 22:40:41 CEST 2007

Hey Renato!

>> And still there is the problem that omws is creating the XML
>> structure for the getLayers operation based on the file structure
>> where the real layers are stored.
> This is not a problem, it's a feature.

Yes, yes! I know I did not express it correctly, is a problem in our  
side, not in omws. Altough I think it is a bug to show folders  
starting with a dot in the XML result. I would assume folders and  
files starting with a dot to be ignored.

> In our "official" instance of omws there are about 4.000 layers
> available, which are hierarchically organized in the file system. We
> wanted omws to represent the layers in the same way.

Yes, and thats cool stuff.m For example in Flex I could easily bind  
this structure into an tree component and I would reproduce without  
code your file structure.
In JS the same could be done with a JQuery component by the way.

>> If someone wanna try then using a SAX parser style, like Dave is
>> doing with occurrences, will solve the problem and not take into
>> consideration the XML structure... At the end it is a kind of
>> theoretic problem, our code is trying to flat a non-flat XML  
>> structure.
> Although the strucure is recursive, yes, you can very easily get a
> flat representation of it using SAX. It's up to the client to ignore
> or not the hierarchy.

Yes, and I think that is more than enough for this prototype. And  
actually I couldnt resist and implemented the sax parser on the train  
back to home. I also added an if to hack the problem with the .svn  

Everything is commited.


PD: Hey Renato! How are you doing?

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