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Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Wed Feb 21 14:52:34 CET 2007


2007/2/19, Javier de la Torre <jatorre at gmail.com>:
> Dear all,
> Sorry for not having answer before and thanks for starting moving
> this. First Some news from the organizational side.
> 1) Lee just published a news item about the meeting on the TDWG
> website. Check . I sent him a joke as the beginning and he finished
> publishing it!, whatever.



> I am working right with a new technology called Flex, that compiles
> to Flash, to create RIAs. Maybe we can use this to create the
> interface as it looks quite impressive, it support several Maps APIs,
> it has very good web services support and it just looks better than
> HTML, but we can discuss this, I dont mind.

My preference is for (standards based!!) html interfaces that can be
viewed on any old browser (can anyone say lynx :-).

But we can expand it as much as we want to demonstrate even more
things. So we could say that the previous is just our base for the
output but if it goes well we would like:

>1) Use some taxonomic API service to resolve names
>2) Get data from GBIF (probably using the new web services or WFS)
>3) Get data from an specific data provider to complement the dataset
>using TAPIR for example
>4) Retrieve a list of environmental layers from a Catalog Service
>that can be used for modelling
>5) Run a model with the retrieved occurrences and the selected
>environmental layers
>6) Present the interface with LSDI resolution of the occurrences when
>click on them.
>7) Save the result on an archive (kind of spatial digital library)
>and register them in a catalog service.

I think we must be realistic (pessimistic ??) and assume we wont
achieve this. Our first goal should be to make the smallest useable
workflow as quickly as possible, and then to iteratively develop new
features. We should choose the order of additiontional items in the
list so that we will always have a working useable demonstrator, no
matter how far through the list we get. To this end it would be useful
to produce some kind of dependency graph on the 7 items listed above
so we can approach then in a sane order :-)



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