[Biogeosdi] preparations CRIA workshop - RMCA input

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Wed Feb 21 15:01:50 CET 2007

Hi (and apologies for the delay - its carnival time here in Brazil!)


> The link with the workshop will be clear : for import of the data, we
> want to be able to connect to any online data provider, regardless of
> protocol or data schema : an interoperability question, indeed !


> Our input for the workshop could be :
> * NOT in the Python coding section : as I haven't used Python before,
>  I'll leave that to the people who are proficient at it.

I´m more a c++ developer myself and have only used python a bit with
the python gdal bindings. From my little experience with python, its
quick to pick up and get going with. My idea is that we will 'buddy
programme' so we will try to pair python oficiados with non
oficianados - the non 'pythonista' can still make valuable input as to
application logic and general logic without being a guru.

> * in the web interface group(s) - HTML and CSS is not much of a problem

We will surely need people to make a pleasing web standards compliant ui.

> * in the documentation/reporting section : I would actually gladly
> volunteer for this ;-)

Great - this will be an extremely useful contribution.

> * in the high-level architecture design

> * in the WMS/WFS/... part, as we have our own (DeeGree) system up
>    and running here

Great this will be very useful too!

> Two more practical questions to end with :
> 1/ are we supposed to bring our own laptop ? What is the voltage served
>     in Brasil ( 127 V ?? ) - I'd hate to fry my computer...

As far as I know most laptop transformers will automatically take 127v
(which we have here) or 220v. We can probably arrange for a couple of
extra pc's to be available during the week - let me know before hand.

> 2/ are we supposed to be able to edit the WorkshopAssumptions section
>    of the Wiki, or is that part moderated/administrated ? I can log on
> the the TDWG homepage without a problem, but further down I get "user
> unknown" errors...

You should be able to edit this if you are registered. I think you
will need to contact Ricardo if you are having problems gaining access
to the wiki.

> Best regards, looking forward to meeting you soon,

Same here!

Tim Sutton

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