[Tdwg-lit] Level 1

Nozomi Ytow nozomi at biol.tsukuba.ac.jp
Fri Feb 10 02:06:59 CET 2006

Hi Rich,

> > I meant ISO dates only for "date published (as corrected)".
> > I agree with you date issue; in Level 1, date published as cited
> > should be as is, shouldn't be interpreted.

> But wouldn't we also want the "corrected" (="interpreted") date (or date
> range) to be among the attributes -- even at level 1?  If for no other
> reason than estimating chronology?

I do not understand here.  Anne's start point documents contains
both date published, as cited and as corrected.  The latter comes
with dd/mm/yyyy as an example.  I suggested to use ISO date format
for this one, not "as cited" one.


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