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One comment following from the GUID meeting is that I believe we need to get
serious about being able to represent our data models in RDF.  This means
that the goal should indeed be for a "flat" (Darwin Core like) standard.  If
there are elements which hold nested complexity that we wish to represent,
we should recognise that these are probably separate data objects which
should be modeled as separable components (with their own "flat" standards).
The top level object can then have a property whose value is the identifier
for one of the lower level components.  Even if we choose to compose rich
documents with entire trees of object relationships, the underlying model
should make these separations clear.


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Dear All,

Attached is the starting point of the level 2 standard. 


This is very much an intermediate between the other two standards, but as
was discussed in the TDWG meetings, it is very much needed for a number of
reasons.  It will certainly be vital if we are to accommodate (and drive)
the metadata choices that are made for the big literature digitization
projects that are in the pipeline.


Once again, please review:


Requirements (do you have others? are these the right ones?)


Content elements.



Anna & Chris

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