Correct term for collating/summarizing/consolidating/inferring from below

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I like all of these.

At 09:57 AM 3/12/03 +1100, Kevin Thiele wrote:
>Consider this in the real world. If I have a number of descriptions of
>species, and from them I want to create a genus description, then I would
>collate the genus description from the species descriptions. Compile and
>aggregate would also work, but I think collate works better.
>Cheers - k
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>| (While I am still working on the Paris minutes and related documents,
>| I would like to raise a minor point:)
>| What term should we use for the process of inferring and collecting
>| information from multiple descriptions into a generated description?
>| Bob raised the point that "collation" may be inappropriate or
>| misleading.
>| Please take a look at:
>| <>
>| SDD/Docs/SDD_P_InferenceCorrectTerm.html
>| and send your comments to the list!
>| thanks, Gregor
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