Correct term for collating/summarizing/consolidating/inferring from below

Peter Rauch peterr at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Mar 12 09:45:28 CET 2003

If "inducing" (not "inducting") a genus concept ("description")
is unacceptable, then how about "synthesizing" a genus
description ("concept") from the data garnered from the
to-be-included species definitions (concepts)? (And, do other
"related" genera/species influence one's thinking in the
formulation of this new genus's concept/description too?)


On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Sauvenay Guillaume wrote:
> Kevin Thiele wrote:
> > Consider this in the real world. If I have a number of
> > descriptions of species, and from them I want to create a
> > genus description, then I would /collate/ the genus
> > description from the species descriptions. /Compile/ and
> > /aggregate/ would also work, but I think collate works
> > better.
> couldn't we call that induction?
> here is a definition :
> "Induction is the process of inference employed in "inductive
> logic". A mode of reasoning that starts with specific facts
> and concludes general hypotheses or theories"
> here, species descriptions are observed fact and genus
> description is inducted and this term is less general than
> infer
> Guillaume Sauvenay

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