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In BioLink, we have the following options/commands:

        with the options to: 
                Compile Once
                Always Compile From Children
                Refresh Compile

        with the options to:
                Inherit Once
                Always Inherit From Parent
                Refresh Inherit
We do this independently for each cell or attribute (that is, for each
character for each taxon/item, or for each character by taxon/item
intersection).  This way you can build a full description by compiling
some characters from children while inheriting other characters from the

We allow you to either regenerate these data automatically (by selecting
the "Always Compile/Inherit from Children/Parent" command) or to create
a static copy of the data so you can fine-tune it by manually inserting
comments and clarifications (with the danger that changes to
children/parents will not be reflected).

Our hope is that by including the phrases "from children" and "from
parent" in the commands that we can make the actions of these commands
clear without having to resort to looking these terms up in the help
files or, worse, a dictionary.

Steve Shattuck
CSIRO Entomology
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