Special states

Gregor Hagedorn G.Hagedorn at BBA.DE
Thu Mar 13 17:40:35 CET 2003

Before finishing the Paris minutes, I have just finished the last
remaining bit from Brazil. On the last day we discussed special
states, which was not really in the minutes released before Paris. I
have written it as a separate document and have tried to work through
some of the issues and scenarios we touched upon in Brazil. These
include character scoping, default or implicit states, inheritance
from taxonomic hierarchy, and a bit on character dependency. The
result is a bit lengthy, but it did help _me_ a lot. I hope that the
document can be pruned down when some parts can be moved elsewhere.

I would love get your comments and feedback. Either sent them to the
list, or if you have small corrections to help me you can write them
into the document (Bob already did a first review helping to remove
the worst logic and language errors!) and send it back to me.

It is available at:


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