Meeting in Australia, March, update

Chapman, Alex alexc at CALM.WA.GOV.AU
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While it is not finalised just who is coming from PERTH, one of us will
almost certainly be able to attend.
>>>From our perspective we would favour sticking with the dates as
originally suggested for TDWG-SDD ie. 13-14 March in order to maximise
overlap with the GBIF/Species 2000 people.

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> Dear friends,
> the situation is slightly confusing for me, because I do not know who
> may attend. I think what has evolved so far is that:
> A small meeting will be 11-12/11-13 in Canberra. Everybody is welcome
> who can make it, but so far only I, Bob, and Kevin are certain to
> attend.
> We will then move to Sydney to the Catalogue of Life/Bioforum II on
> March 15/16th.
> I would like to have another meeting there, in the hope that we can
> attract more people there. This could be either on 14th immediately
> before the meeting or 17th (which is Sunday) or after.
> What I need to know is who would attend to this meeting?
> I have information from Stan Blum and Liz Kolster, who are
> considering to come. Anybody else thinking about it?
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