Jim Croft jrc at ANBG.GOV.AU
Thu Dec 20 16:09:26 CET 2001

Tim wrote:
><species_comments>The nature of <i>Carcinus maenas</i> is blah blah

This is horrible mixed content stuff, and I am told that this is ipso
facto, evil, and we will burn in hell for eternity for considering such a

>What I would like to do is have this attribute parsed using XSL and retain
>the formatting over species names.

Wouldn't we all...

>When the text is processed normally the
>HTML tags are dropped. If it is kept as CDATA the tags are not dropped but
>also not processed. Any clues how to handle this?

In one test application where plant names embedded in text were surrounded
by <taxon></taxon> (more meaningful than <i></i>), I fudged it using
fragments like the following xsl:

                 <xsl:for-each select="note">
                         <p class="note">
                 <xsl:template match="taxon">

which spewed the output to browser compatible html.   The result was a
series of note paragraphs with italicised species names...  Not very
elegant, pretty trivial, and I am not particularly proud of it.  But hey,
it worked and current IE and NS browsers knew what to do with it...


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