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At 19:06 23/11/1999 -0500, Susan Farmer wrote:
>>From: Noel Cross <noelc at>
>>Nexus is actually an extensible format so almost anything could be
>>Unfortunately there is still doesn't seem to be an online description of
>>Nexus, though the standard was printed in the journal Taxon a couple of
>>years ago.
>Are you sure?  I thought it was Systematic Botany.

Actually you're both wrong <G>. The formal description of the NEXUS format
was in Systematic Biology.

The full citation is:

Maddison, D.R., Swofford, D.L. and W.P. Maddison. 1997. NEXUS: An
extensible file format for systematic information. Syst. Biol. 46(4):590-621.

For what it's worth, the paper itself refers to a Web site
( for "additions and proposed
additions to the format", but nothing seems to have been placed there, as
yet (though the site does provide "pseudo-code" for a NEXUS parser).

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