(RQT) Character Dependency rules

Noel Cross noelc at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Dec 21 10:36:53 CET 1999

On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, Gregor Hagedorn wrote:

> 3. (and finally): Does anybody have good examples where character
> _state_ dependencies would be necessary? This has been proposed for
> New Delta. I have no real objections, except that I have not found a
> good example where I would want to have it.

You've probably considered these already, but for the sake of discussion:

example 1.  Say you want to allow a more or less accurate state for a
"time of year" character.  In that case the month would be dependent on a
year, and the day would be dependent on the month.

example 2.  You want your user to be able to choose more or less accurate
geographical locations.

Whether these examples would ever really occur is a question, but I'm not
sure we need to proscribe the use of state dependencies.


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