[dwc-mixs] Report - Sustainable DwC-MIxS Interoperability TG

Raissa Meyer raissa.meyer at awi.de
Mon Aug 23 17:52:07 UTC 2021

Dear TDWG EC and Secretariat, Dear GSC board and Secretariat,

We would like to present the outputs of the Sustainable DwC-MIxS Interoperability Task Group convened under GBWG [1; https://www.tdwg.org/community/gbwg/MIxS/ <https://www.tdwg.org/community/gbwg/MIxS/>]. 

The final draft of our report is attached to this email and is also viewable here:
https://tinyurl.com/a9khfya6 <https://tinyurl.com/a9khfya6>   

In this report, we include a proposed MoU <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PMduF-42m0CqtCsgczG-MajcKLkzkj6BRBs2DVyLX64/edit#heading=h.5swde4xcgu4g> between TDWG and the GSC to ensure sustainable interoperability between DwC and MIxS. 

We hope that you will consider our TG report/outputs in your upcoming meetings and will provide feedback where necessary, which will be appended to the report for consideration of future TGs. In particular, feedback on the MoU supporting its adoption would be valuable to the community.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours sincerely, 
Raïssa Meyer and Pier Luigi Buttigieg

[1] This TG brought together experts from the Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) and the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) - alongside key external stakeholders (OBIS, GBIF, Pensoft, etc.) - to develop an approach to promote sustainable interoperability between the Minimum Information about any (x) Sequence (MIxS; maintained by the GSC) and the Darwin Core (DwC; maintained by TDWG) specifications. We 1) generated, and internally reviewed, a fine-grained mapping of DwC to MIxS in a standard format (SSSOM), 2) implemented new extensions to DwC, and 3) developed recommendations on how to expand on and sustain these. We have also identified areas of concern, which are in need of further attention and follow-up TGs. (https://www.tdwg.org/community/gbwg/MIxS/ <https://www.tdwg.org/community/gbwg/MIxS/>) 



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