[dwc-material-sample] GBIF North America Update

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On slide 5—

We updated the ‘specimenType’ to be ‘materialSampleType’


Perhaps the vocab bullets could be links:

MaterialSampleType:  https://isamplesorg.github.io/metadata/vocabularies/specimentype.html

MaterialType: https://isamplesorg.github.io/metadata/vocabularies/materialtype.html

SampledFeature:  https://isamplesorg.github.io/metadata/vocabularies/sampledfeature.html



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Material Sample Task Force Member,


I just wanted to make everyone aware that I have been asked to give a brief (less than 5 minutes) update on our work at the GBIF North America Quarterly Meeting on November 10. I have co-opted slides from the TDWG update and want to make sure there are no glaring issues. You can review the slides here <https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1VxOrC1PCXuOFuWYTqapy4vjwHO14BaIy30AYolOuRdk/edit?usp=sharing> . Please leave any comments before November 2nd so that I have time to get the slides to the GBIF North America Steering Committee for review.



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