[dwc-material-sample] MaterialSample Task Group Homework

Teresa Mayfield jegelewicz66 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 16:55:08 UTC 2022

Greetings All!

We have had some really productive meetings! I think we have pretty much
completed work on the following:


If anyone thinks anything in either of those working revisions needs a
change, please comment in the appropriate Github issue.

Thanks to Steve Baskaufs, we have a start on a controlled vocabulary for
materialSampleType <https://github.com/tdwg/material-sample/issues/24>!
Discussion yesterday led us to see the need for thinking beyond the
currently used "GBIF basisOfRecord" terms. Abby suggested that we take a
step back and start by creating a list of terms we think we might find or
want to place in materialSampleType. So, I have started a Google Sheet
and I would like everyone to think about what they might place in this
vocabulary. Just add your terms to the bottom of "suggested vocabulary". We
can then deduplicate the list and start categorizing to see if we can build
a more broad and useful vocabulary. In addition, I think it would be
helpful for each of us to think about what we expect from the vocabulary
for this term.

I am going to be sending invitations to some future working hours. Please
come if you are available!


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