[Biogeosdi] OMWS getAlgorithms

Renato De Giovanni renato at cria.org.br
Mon Jul 9 19:18:59 CEST 2007

Hello Javi,

Can you tell me which omws service address are you using?

The library does escape the special characters &, < and >, but I've 
just noticed that double quotes were not being escaped (fixed now). 
The library returns content in latin1. However, the soap server will 
always return content in utf-8.

I tested with the "official" omws service 
(http://modeller.cria.org.br/cgi-bin/om_soap_server.cgi) and it seems 
to be working with the most recent list of algorithms. I've dumped 
the response and copied to a static document if you want to check:


Maybe you're using another service address with an older version of 
the library? Or maybe there's something doing some conversions 
between the real raw XML you receive and your parser?


On 9 Jul 2007 at 13:19, Javier de la Torre wrote:

> Hey all,
> Finally I had to hack two things to handle incorrect messages from 
> OMWS. I could not find where the metadata about the algorithms is 
> stored so I hack in the biogeosdi code... that is what I made:
>          $rawXml = str_replace("&oldid","&amp;oldid",$rawXml);
>          $rawXml = str_replace("& Shawe","&amp; Shawe",$rawXml);
>          $rawXml = utf8_encode($rawXml);
>          //HACK FINISHED
> The first two are to handle the not scaped parethesis. The third one
> is to encode the result as UTF8 because if not is not valid XML  
> without a encoding definition, which the response does not include. 
> If the encoding is not defined I think the default is UTF8 and this 
> seems to be latin1, but in any case I would really recommend being 
> explicit about the encoding bein used.
> Cheers.

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