[Biogeosdi] OMWS getAlgorithms

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 01:05:08 CEST 2007

I am using the OMWS that Tim left me in a parallels image. I believe  
it is the last version as it is taken from repository and compiled...  
In any case I am not sure at all.

I just made a hack on my side and now is working so I will wait for  
Tim to come back and figure out this as I dont know how openmodeller  
has been installed on this debian that I have.



On 09/07/2007, at 19:18, Renato De Giovanni wrote:

> Hello Javi,
> Can you tell me which omws service address are you using?
> The library does escape the special characters &, < and >, but I've
> just noticed that double quotes were not being escaped (fixed now).
> The library returns content in latin1. However, the soap server will
> always return content in utf-8.
> I tested with the "official" omws service
> (http://modeller.cria.org.br/cgi-bin/om_soap_server.cgi) and it seems
> to be working with the most recent list of algorithms. I've dumped
> the response and copied to a static document if you want to check:
> http://www.cria.org.br/~renato/omws_alg_metadata_dump.xml
> Maybe you're using another service address with an older version of
> the library? Or maybe there's something doing some conversions
> between the real raw XML you receive and your parser?
> Regards,
> --
> Renato
> On 9 Jul 2007 at 13:19, Javier de la Torre wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Finally I had to hack two things to handle incorrect messages from
>> OMWS. I could not find where the metadata about the algorithms is
>> stored so I hack in the biogeosdi code... that is what I made:
>>          $rawXml = str_replace("&oldid","&amp;oldid",$rawXml);
>>          $rawXml = str_replace("& Shawe","&amp; Shawe",$rawXml);
>>          $rawXml = utf8_encode($rawXml);
>>          //HACK FINISHED
>> The first two are to handle the not scaped parethesis. The third one
>> is to encode the result as UTF8 because if not is not valid XML
>> without a encoding definition, which the response does not include.
>> If the encoding is not defined I think the default is UTF8 and this
>> seems to be latin1, but in any case I would really recommend being
>> explicit about the encoding bein used.
>> Cheers.
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