[Biogeosdi] Path kludge

Peter Brewer p.w.brewer at rdg.ac.uk
Tue Jul 31 23:22:28 CEST 2007

Hi Javi,

Sorry missed your message but see it now.  Ok so... sure you can have 
the Hadley data.  Whilst you can get hold of Hadley data for year on 
year it isn't really relevant for bioclimatic modelling.  What you need 
is an average over a particular time period.  As Tim said, in BDWorld we 
used decadal means.

I can snoop through my old server and get the data for you but I suspect 
you'll be a bit disappointed with regards it's size!  Hadley data is 
quite low resolution so 5 x decadal means doesn't amount to very much 
data at all (i.e. a few megabytes).  Let me know if you're still interested.



Javier de la Torre wrote:
> Hey Peter!
> I hope you´re doing great in the US!!
> Did you get my message requesting data?!! I am still trying to figure 
> out a good dataset to give to the geoserver people.
> Cheers.
> On 31/07/2007, at 20:04, Peter Brewer wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> Sorry for being so totally silent these last few weeks.  Apologies 
>> but I've been moving continent, buying a house, dealing with US red 
>> tape etc etc.
>> I stumbled across an interesting webpage and thought of you all.  If 
>> I remember correctly, this is an easier way of doing Dave/Javi's (?) 
>> infamous path kludge in PHP.
>> http://ponvert.wordpress.com/2004/07/24/relative-paths-in-php/
>> Enjoy!
>> Cheers
>> Pete
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