[tdwg] DCMI Webinar, Nov 18, Introduction to OpenRefine

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Tue Nov 9 01:27:34 UTC 2021

This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov 18th, 2021, 18:00 UTC and is
free (but registration is required).

* About the webinar
OpenRefine is a freely available desktop application for cleaning and
processing data. This webinar will introduce the basic features of
OpenRefine and discuss its use in some common scenarios for metadata
cleaning and improvement.

The webinar will use the introductory lessons of the Library Carpentry
OpenRefine Lesson, which includes sample data and is available here:

OpenRefine is available for download here:

* About the speaker
Elizabeth Wickes is a Lecturer at the School of Information Sciences at the
University of Illinois, where she teaches foundational programming and
information technology courses. She was previously a Data Curation
Specialist for the Research Data Service at the University Library of the
University of Illinois, and the Curation Manager for Wolfram|Alpha.

Register (free) at
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