[tdwg] agent actions for VIVO

Anne Thessen annethessen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 15:22:47 UTC 2019

Hello TDWG

I'm writing on behalf of the Attribution Interest Group 
(https://github.com/tdwg/attribution and 
https://www.tdwg.org/community/attribution/). We would like to 
start/capture a discussion of proposed terms for agent actions that are 
relevant for tracking the curation and maintenance of collections that 
may eventually be added to VIVO 
(https://bioportal.bioontology.org/ontologies/VIVO). Some suggestions 
can be found in GitHub issues here 
<https://github.com/tdwg/attribution/issues/5> and here 
<https://github.com/tdwg/attribution/issues/6>. Feel free to comment on 
the issue or start a new one.

Thanks in advance for your time and feedback.

Anne E. Thessen, Ph.D.
The Data Detektiv, Owner and Founder
Ronin Institute, Research Scholar
Oregon State University, Assistant Professor (Sr, Res)

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