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*Taming the Graph: Profiles over Linked Data*
     *Full day session at DC-2017, Washington, D.C., **26-28 **October 2017*
*     Day registration rates available*


*:: Presenters: *
       *Tom Baker*, *DCMI*
       *Karen Coyle*, *Consultant*
       *Stefanie Rühle*, *SUB Goettingen*
       *Kirk Hess*, *Library of Congress*
       *Mariana Malta*, *Polytechnic of Oporto*
       *Eric Prud'hommeaux*, *World Wide Web (W3C)*
       *Gregg Kellogg*, *Semantic Media Consultant*
       *Paul Walk*, University of *Edinburgh*
*:: Time:* 8:30am - 5:30pm EDT
*:: Date:* Friday, 27 October 2017
*:: Session Homepage:*
*:: Registration:*



The idea of application profile was proposed at a Dublin Core workshop in
2000 as a way to customize metadata for specific application domains,
mixing-and-matching multiple metadata vocabularies as needed, and to share
these customizations within communities of practice. This day-long event
will start with a look back at how the discourse around profiles has
evolved since 2000, then it will examine new technologies that can help us
tame the boundless sea of Linked Data with controlled metadata. This event
is sponsored by the DCMI, which participates in W3C efforts to develop
standards relevant to profiles and seeks direction for its future work, and
by LD4, a coordinated program to advance the use and utility of linked data
in research and cultural heritage organizations, especially libraries.

*We ask the following questions:*

   - Can Linked Data conceptualization and design be enhanced with metadata
   - How can profiles provide different views: data validation vs
   discovery, strict vs tolerant?
   - How can we express profiles for processing by machines?
   - How can we publish profiles for human consumption?


    *Morning Session 1: The Role of Profiles (90 min)*

        *"Application Profiles" since DC-2000*
            Tom Baker, DCMI
       * Pieces of the profile puzzle*
            Karen Coyle, Consultant
        *Profiles and Data Quality*
            Stefanie Rühle, SUB Goettingen

   * Morning Session 2: Developing and Using Profiles (90 min)*

        *Requirements for BIBFRAME profiles*
            Kirk Hess, Library of Congress
        *Structured methods for developing profiles*
            Mariana Malta, Polytechnic of Oporto
        *Agile, data-driven methods for developing profiles*
            Eric Prud'hommeaux, World Wide Web (W3C)

    *Afternoon Session 1: Expressing and Profiling Data (90 min)*

        *JSON-LD: The data syntax and its uses*
            Gregg Kellogg, *Semantic Media Consultant*
        *ShEx: the Shapes Expression Language*
            Eric Prud'hommeaux, World Wide Web (W3C)

    *Afternoon Session 2: Sharing profiles (90 min)*

        *Documenting profiles and vocabularies on the Web*
            Paul Walk, Edinburgh University
       * Maintaining RDF vocabularies in spreadsheets*
            Gregg Kellogg, *Semantic Media Consultant*
        *Answering the questions posed*

Conference participants are free to attend any or all sessions or parts of
sessions. The event assumes familiarity with the basic concepts of RDF and
Linked Data. Participants will get more out of Afternoon Session 1 if they
prepare beforehand by reading (or watching videos) about JSON-LD [1] and by
perusing the ShEx Primer [2].

[1] https://json-ld.org/learn.html
[2] http://shex.io/shex-primer
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