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Fri Jun 3 14:05:08 CEST 2016

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In order to make it easier for metadata practitioners to present their
work, the Program Committee for DC-2016 has opened a new *Presentations
Track <http://dcevents.dublincore.org/IntConf/index/pages/view/pre16>*
the opportunity to present their on interesting metadata topics under four
*broad* themes. *No paper is required**.*

Proposal abstracts will be reviewed for selection by the Program
Committee. The presentation slide decks will be openly available as part of
the permanent record of the DC-2016 conference.

If you are interested in presenting at DC-2016, please submit a proposal
abstract of approximately 250-500 words through the «DC-2016 submission
». *Select the Presentations track*.

*:: Submission Deadline:* 15 July 2016
*:: Presenter Notice:* 22 July 2016
*:: Track Description & Submission: *
*:: Conference Website:*


   - Identifiers, persistent or not
   - Metadata profiles and validation
   - Maintaining vocabularies
   - Practicalities of data integration

*Program Committee Chairs:*

*Technical Program:*

*Valentine Charles,* Europeana Foundation, Netherlands
*Lars G. Svensson,* Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Germany

*Professional Program:*

*Thomas Baker,* Sungkyunkwan University, Korea, & Dublin Core Metadata
Initiative (DCMI), Germany
*Michael D. Crandall,* University of Washington, United States
*Stuart A. Sutton,* Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI), United States

*Full Organizing Committee:*
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