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Schema.org in Two Parts: From Use to Extension
*DCMI/ASIST Joint Webinar*

*:: Presenter:* *Richard Wallis*
*:: Times: *10:00am - 11:15am EST (UTC 15:00:00)
*:: Dates:* Wednesday, Part 1 - 18 Nov. 2015 | Part 2 - 2 Dec. 2015
*:: Webinar Website:* http://dublincore.org/resources/training/#2015wallis
*:: Part 1 Free Registration: *http://bit.ly/wallis-part1
*:: Part 2 Free Registration:* Coming soon (check Webinar Website above)


When it was first introduced in 2011 Schema.org was seen by many as a grab,
by Google and other search engines, for the semantic web landscape, or as
something only of interest to the SEO community wanting their products
displayed more prominently in search results. It was therefore somewhat of
a surprise to the library community when, less than a year later, the
global library cooperative OCLC introduced Schema.org structured data
markup into the pages for the 300 million plus resources on Worldcat.org.

Things have changed significantly since those early days. Schema.org
structured data is now published on over 10 million web domains; the
vocabulary has expanded to include over 600 Types and nearly 1,000
Properties; it’s core capability for describing bibliographic resources has
been greatly extended. There is now a specific bibliographic extension --
bib.schema.org and, Schema.org implementations and discussions are becoming
common in the library community.

Join Independent consultant Richard Wallis, former Technology Evangelist
for OCLC, currently working with Google on Schema.org, for this two part,
in-depth mini-series look at Schema.org, its use, and extension in the
bibliographic domain and beyond.

*PART 1 WEBINAR: Fit For a Bibliographic Purpose*

*Date/Time:* Wednesday, 18 November 2015 at 10:00am-11:15am EST (UTC
15:00:00 - *World Clock:* http://bit.ly/Webinar-1_Wallis)

*Abstract:* In this first webinar in the series, Independent Consultant,
Richard Wallis, traces the history of the Schema.org vocabulary, plus its
applicability to the bibliographic domain. He will share the background to,
and activities of, the Schema Bib Extend W3C Community Group he chairs; why
it was set up; how it approached the creation of bibliographic extension
proposals; and how those proposals were shaped. He will then review the
current status of the vocabulary and the recent introduction of the
bib.schema.org and auto.schema.org extensions. Although Richard will be
using bibliographic examples, the content of this webinar will be of
interest and relevance to those in other domains, and/or considering other

*PART 2 WEBINAR: Extending Potential and Possibilities*

*Date/Time:* Wednesday, 2 December 2015, 10:00am-11:15am EST (UTC 15:00:00
- *World Clock:* http://bit.ly/Webinar-2_Wallis)

*Abstract:* In this second more technical webinar in the series,
Independent Consultant, Richard Wallis, explains the Schema.org extension
mechanism, for external and reviewed/hosted extensions, and their
relationship to the core Schema.org vocabulary. He will take an in-depth
look at, demonstrate, and share experiences in designing, and creating a
potential extension to the vocabulary. He will step through the process of
creating the required vocabulary definition and examples files on a local
system using a few simple tools then sharing them on a publicly visible
temporary cloud instance before proposing to the Schema.org group.


Richard Wallis Independent Consultant, is a distinguished thought leader in
Linked Data and Semantic Web who has been at the forefront of the emergence
of these technologies for over 20 years. He is Chair of the Schema Bib
Extend, and Schema Architypes, W3C Community Groups and evangelist for the
adoption of Linked Data in cultural heritage and the wider Web. He has an
international reputation for insightful and entertaining keynote sessions
at library, Web, and Semantic Web focused events. Currently working with
OCLC, Google, and the banking industry on the extension, application and
use of the Schema.org vocabulary; he is a pragmatist who believes in
searching for implementable solutions.

--*Free Registration now for Part 1* at http://bit.ly/wallis-part1
--*Free Registration for Part 2* (announcement coming soon on Webinar
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