[tdwg] Job: NESCent User Interface Design and Web Application Developer

Kristen Eisenberg kristen.eisenberg at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 15 15:17:45 CEST 2012

The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) seeks a creative
and enthusiastic individual to design user interfaces and web
applications for scientific applications.  The incumbent will work as
part of a small informatics team in close collaboration with domain

NESCent (http://nescent.org) is an NSF-funded center dedicated to
cross-disciplinary research in evolutionary science. Our informatics
team works closely with visiting and resident scientists to support
their custom software and database development needs.  All NESCent
software products are open-source, and the Center has a number of
initiatives to actively promote collaborative development of community
software resources (http://informatics.nescent.org). Above all, we are
enthusiastic about our work, about the mission of the Center, and
about the contribution of informatics to that mission.

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