[tdwg] Funeral arrangements for Frank Bisby

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Dear TDWGers,

I just received this information regarding the funeral arrangements for
Frank.  It will be next Wednesday, November 9 in Reading.





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Dear All,


Funeral arrangements for Frank Bisby have now been made.  The funeral
will be a civil (not religious) occasion and will be held on Wednesday 9
November at 14.30 at Reading Crematorium, 55 All Hallows Road, Reading
RG4 5LP.


Frank's partner, Vicki, has advised that Frank does not want Flowers,
just a donation to the Woodland Trust
give.aspx> >).


I appreciate that it is not a lot of notice and that many of you are
overseas based and would be unable to come.  But if you can, it would be
useful if you could let me know if you are planning to attend.  I am
also compiling a book of condolences if you have any messages you would
like passed to Frank's family.


Kind Regards,



Becky Mann



Miss Rebecca Mann

Secretary to the Board of Directors of Species 2000

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