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The TDWG Executive Committee has approved the adoption of TDWG Access Protocol
for Information Retrieval (TAPIR) - http://www.tdwg.org/standards/449/ as a TDWG

The committee acknowledges the excellent work of the TAPIR Task Group
(http://www.tdwg.org/activities/tapir/) and particularly the leadership of
Renato De Giovanni. Renato was assisted in writing the standards document by the
late Charles Copp. TAPIR represents only one of many areas of Biodiversity
informatics where the interest, enthusiasm and support of Charles is appreciated
and valued. Thank you Charles.

The TDWG Executive Committee appreciates the work of those who have contributed
significantly to the development of TAPIR. In addition to Renato, these include
Markus Döring, Anton Güntsch, Dave Vieglais, Donald Hobern, Franck Theeten,
Javier de la Torre, John Wieczorek, Kevin Richards, Robert Gales, Roger Hyam,
Stanley Blum and Steven Perry. 

The committee also greatly appreciates the work that Piers Higgs has done as the
Review Manager for TAPIR.

TAPIR specifies a standardized, HTTP transmittable, XML-based request and
response protocol for accessing structured data that may be stored on multiple
distributed databases in varied physical and logical structures.

TAPIR combines and extends features of the BioCASe
<http://www.biocase.org/products/protocols/> and DiGIR<http://digir.net/>
protocols to create a generic means of communication between client applications
and Internet data providers.

Congratulations to the TAPIR team and many others who have contributed to the

Lee Belbin
TDWG Secretariat

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