[tdwg] call for proposals on GBIF white paper for enhancing fitness-for-use of primary biodiversity data

Éamonn Ó Tuama eotuama at gbif.org
Mon Nov 23 13:22:06 CET 2009


At TDWG 2009, there was some interest from the Geospatial Interest Group
working sessions participants in the call from GBIF for proposals to draft a
GBIF White Paper for enhancing 'fitness-for-use' (both taxonomic and
geospatial) of primary biodiversity data.

Further information on the call is available here:

ng-fitness-for-use-of-primary-biodiversity-data/ .

or, directly, from Dr Vishwas Chavan (vchavan at gbif.org). 


Please note that the closing date is Nov 25.


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Global Biodiversity Information Facility Secretariat, 

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