TDWG Infrastructure Project - Survey

Adrian Rissone a.rissone at NHM.AC.UK
Wed Jan 11 08:29:02 CET 2006

Dear Colleagues,

Below please find a call issued by the Taxonomic Databases Working Group
(TDWG) Infrastructures Project (see, which has the aim to
turn TDWG into a professional standardisation body for our community. I'd
highly appreciate if you could take the time to answer the survey, and/or
hand this on to others, because this may be rather important for the
direction that TDWG will take.

With all the best for 2006

Walter Berendsohn (Chair)

Lee Belbin wrote:

Experiences from and after St Petersburg suggests that a survey of TDWG
demographics is required. For example, potential changes to TDWG's name
require consensus of what is TDWG's 'core business' and scope. To this end,
a survey has been setup to get feedback on key issues. We would appreciate
you and anyone that you believe are 'informed about TDWG' in the broader
community taking ~12 minutes to answer the 12 questions.

The survey can be found at-

and will close on February 3 2006.

Lee Belbin
Manager, TDWG Infrastructure Project

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