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Camiel Dijkers camiel.dijkers at AQUASENSE.NL
Mon Jun 17 13:58:40 CEST 2002

Dear TDWG-member.

I hereby like to draw your attention to our web-site www.taxonomica.com
(ENTAX). For this moment this site is used in the Netherlands by the CIW
(Dutch Commission for integrated water management) to register all
freshwater and marine species within the Netherlands, and to provide each
species with a unique TCN-code (Taxon Code Netherlands). Since this system
is fully hierarchic, each taxon has a parent. Therefore it was very
important for us to organize the higher taxonomic levels. Lately this action
has been completed in ENTAX. Choices made for the classification of taxa in
ENTAX (downto phylum level) are explained in a document. You can download
this document here (<http://forums.taxonomica.com/EnTaxTree001.pdf>). The
classification presented merely serves as a starting point open for
discussion. Please feel free to participate in the discussion by joining the
ENTAX discussion forum (<http://forums.taxonomica.com>).

Yours sincerely,

Camiel DIjkers
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