Compiling list of electronic databases in Museums, Botanic Gardens, etc.

Adrian Rissone A.Rissone at NHM.AC.UK
Wed Jan 16 05:01:15 CET 2002

Hello everyone,

Foolishly, I have agreed to try to compile a list of Museums, Botanic
Gardens, etc., involved in specimen data management and delivery. Please
could you send me details of anything you know about any organisation, as

Name of organisation
Product(s) used (in-house or commercial)
Age of application (if known)
Purpose of database
Approximate number of records to date (if known)
Database, web-only or both
Whether accessed via a portal (if so give details if known)
Research or development programmes (with the potential to lead to a
database or web application)

I will be very grateful for any information you can send me.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Adrian Rissone
A.Rissone at

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