TDWG Annual Meeting: Campinas, Brasil; Oct 18-22, 2002

Stan Blum sblum at CALACADEMY.ORG
Mon Feb 18 23:16:23 CET 2002

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The 2002 TDWG meeting will be held October 18-22, in Campinas, Brasil.  Our 
host will be the Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental (CRIA) 
[Reference Center on Environmental Information] -- Vanderlei Perez Canhos, 
President & Director.  The TDWG meeting will be held (concurrently) with a 
Species 2000 meeting (Oct 19-20). In addition, each organization will host 
an all-day symposium (sequentially) on the following two days (Oct 
21-22).  Subgroups, working groups, and interest groups may meet (as 
necessary) from one to three days before the main meetings.  Satellite 
events, such as training workshops or meetings of related organizations may 
be scheduled in the days following the symposia. (See an overview of the 
schedule, below.)

The main TDWG meeting will consist of:
- Contributed papers
- Subgroup reports (progress and plans)
- Business meeting
- Discussion and planning of future activities

The TDWG Symposium:

The recently established Global Biodiversity Information Facility 
( has already begun activities that will profoundly 
influence the acquisition, management, and dissemination of biodiversity 
information.  GBIF-sponsored activities, in turn, will highlight the need 
for standards that will guide the work of potential data providers, 
integrators, and developers of analysis services.  To ensure that TDWG's 
work supports and compliments GBIF activities, TDWG will hold a symposium 
dedicated to elaborating a framework for interoperability and identifying 
the (missing) standards that will be critical to building the 
infrastructure.  The program is still to be determined, but is likely to 
include: reviews of GBIF activities and broader trends in information 
technology (e.g., XML technologies and web services), position papers, and 

This year's meeting promises to be informative, important to the 
development of TDWG, and fun(!).

I hope to see you there.

Stan Blum
Chair, TDWG Executive Committee
sblum at

TDWG and Species 2000 Meetings; Campinas, Brasil; October 18-22, 2002


Oct 16 (Wed): working- and subgroups  (tentative)
Oct 17 (Thu): working- and subgroups  (tentative)
Oct 18 (Fri): working- and subgroups
Oct 19 (Sat): Sp2000 & TDWG meetings  (concurrently)
Oct 20 (Sun): Sp2000 & TDWG meetings  (concurrently)
Oct 21 (Mon): Species 2000 Symposium -- Catalog of Life
Oct 22 (Tue): TDWG Symposium -- Framework for Interoperability
Oct 23 (Wed): Satellite events        (to be determined)
Oct 24 (Thu): Satellite events        (to be determined)

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