[tdwg-tag] TAG meeting Sunday 27 October

greg whitbread ghw at anbg.gov.au
Mon Oct 21 14:12:31 CEST 2013

To Conveners and TAG members coming to TDWG in Florence,

For preliminary discussion, an agenda/outline for the TAG meeting on
Sunday. I don't expect that the meeting will necessarily unfold this way -
it is just a starting point.  Tomorrow, I will find a more appropriate
place to put it.


Grand Mediterraneo 3pm Sunday 27 October


   - Scope of this meeting
   - Allocated time slot on Thursday
      - VoMaG report
   - Informal meetings during the week?

TAG terms of reference (context & review)

   - Charter
   - Governance
   - More than a mail list?
   - Constitution
   - Documentation
      - Wiki
      - Issue management
      - Update TDWG TAG pages
   - Reporting

A TDWG Architecture

   - Expression (vision)
      - (a) Development, interpretation and maintenance of principles for a
      biodiversity informatics architecture
         - WG governance,
         - standards interoperability,
         - collaboration,
         - cross group issues and networking
         - (or a+) Development (reuse) of a TDWG architecture
         - Building Blocks,
         - Common language
         - Domain Model?
      - How do we make it work?
      - Simple
      - Agile
      - Intentional vs emergent
      - Technology agnostic
   - How to test it?
   - Where do we start?
      - Status/review of current framework and standards
      - Existing and developing "Cores"
      - Plea around basisOfRecord
      - BCO
      - The TDWG "ontology"

The TAG working group reports

   - DwC RDF
   - VoMaG

Greg Whitbread
Australian National Botanic Gardens
Australian National Herbarium
+61 2 62509482
ghw at anbg.gov.au
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