[tdwg-tag] Proposed charter for a TAG Vocabulary Management Task Group (VOMAG)

Dag Endresen (GBIF) dendresen at gbif.org
Fri Feb 10 12:20:49 CET 2012

Dear TAG,

After battling with the plans for a biodiversity knowledge organization 
(KOS) framework for biodiversity information resources we have 
identified the requirement to develop guidelines and best practices for 
the management of vocabularies of terms. Basic terms organized in 
vocabularies provides an essential element to underpin the biodiversity 
information standards. As introduced at the TDWG 2011 TAG meetings in 
New Orleans, we propose the formation of a new Vocabulary Management 
Task Group (VOMAG) [1] to be organized under the TDWG technical 
architecture group (TAG). Please find the draft charter available from 
the GBIF Community Site [2][3]. Here you will also find another draft 
document "Biodiversity Knowledge Organization System: Proposed 
Architecture; Version 0.1 February 2012" that provides an overview of 
the proposed KOS landscape and the context for the proposed work-plan of 
the Vocabulary Management Task Group Charter.

This is the first draft so far only discussed with Greg Whitbread as 
convener of the TDWG TAG and with Steve Baskauf and Joel Sachs as 
convener of the TDWG RDF/OWL task group. We invite feedback and comments 
to the proposed formation of the task group including suggestions with 
regard to the work-plan. Please join the Vocabulary Management group at 
the GBIF Community Site [1]. You can start or participate in discussions 
or share suggestions using the GBIF Community Site. Feel also free to 
make contact with us to volunteer as a core member for this proposed 
task group!

[1] http://community.gbif.org/pg/groups/21382/vocabulary-management/
[2] http://community.gbif.org/pg/file/read/21388/
[3] http://community.gbif.org/pg/blog/read/21387/
[4] http://community.gbif.org/pg/file/read/21582/

Best regards
Dag, Eamonn and David

Dag Endresen, PhD
Knowledge Systems Engineer
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

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