[tdwg-tag] Part-of in RDF/OWL

Gregor Hagedorn g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 23:11:46 CEST 2011

We are seeking advice in the context of using semantic mediawiki to
document terms, at present as an example the taxpub vocabularly, which
ontology to use to document the following:

1. generic part-of relations of concepts.
Example: the taxpub nomenclature section is part of the taxpub treatment
We consider using DublinCore for this. We found nothing in SKOS for this.

2. part of relations of things
both petal and sepal are part of the corolla.

Bob Morris recommends the ro ontology: http://obofoundry.org/ro/
However, this one says that it is undergoing strong changes in the
near future.

3. When documenting legacy xml ontologies, the xml variant requires
documenting a difference between element and attribute children.

How to express this in RDF form? ("why would you want do that" -> Bob
Morris likes to answer that, but in fact we just want to have an
orthogonal form to simplify things).

Any help or insight is appreciated.


Dr. G. Hagedorn
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