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Sorry I had to miss about half of the discussion.  This document helps
me to catch up.

I think we have a "Super Architecture" issue for TDWG.  I do not
understand what the overall model of TDWG standards is. Where are we
going? Attempting to follow the threads of TDWG activities and
priorities of the 90s through the 00s to the 10s is super difficult.
The fundamental premises of TDWG have been thrashed and mashed to the
point that I defy anyone to explain it.  We have bits and pieces of new
"standards" and shards of relics of "standards."  We have something like
15 Interest Groups in works! The same problems have been described over
and over during the last 25 years with different labels. Until we have
some clearer idea of what the heck we're doing, I can see a lot of
spinning and resulting dizziness ahead, and probably newer labels for
old problems.  I think we need to rise above all of it somehow and look
down.  How?  I think we should start by ignoring technologies and go
back to fundamentals. Old fashioned modeling of a problem space would be
a place to start.  We need a "super model" or something.

JW's suggestion of inventorying DwC and using that to analyze the
overall classes in biodiversity informatics is one method to start, but
that implies DwC is biodiversity-informatics-comprehensive and I'm not
sure it's there yet.  But, it is a place to start.


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Hi all

I have created a google site at https://sites.google.com/site/tdwgtag/

This has one page in it so far for the meeting notes of today and
Mondays meetings.
Can you review and let me know if anything has been missed or needs to
be changed.
Let me know if you want access to edit the page and I will give you edit


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