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This is chiefly for the RDF/OWL Task Group (I thought there was a  
separate mailing list for this, but given that now I can't find any,  
perhaps not?). You may remember that I cited an article on best  
practices in interoperable RDF data publishing in the life sciences  
that I had hoped we could work off of for a TDWG community-tailored  
best practices note. This has now been turned into an W3C Interest  
Group note, and is thus public. If you have not seen this before, it  
may provide for interesting reading and stuff to discuss as for  
applicability to biodiversity science data.


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Dear Colleagues,

With data sharing becoming more widely known and accepted, the need  
for the means to accomplish data sharing *in practice* is an important  
technical challenge. The Linked Open Drug Data task force in HCLS has  
attempted to address this need by developing a DRAFT IG Note regarding  
practices for mapping and linking life science data using RDF.  The  
document, largely based on a recently submitted article, is being  
staged as a Google Doc for your review and comment[1].

In the draft document above, we attempt to supply a guide for those  
who would like to produce and publish data in RDF. We would like you  
to lend us your extensive expertise and would very much appreciate and  
carefully consider your candid comments, questions or suggestions to  
improve the note.

Ideally, someone with basic knowledge of the Semantic Web stack and  
the desire to 'publish' linked data will be able to get started from  
this online document. We have removed the use case descriptions to  
make it more 'W3C note-like' (concise). The use case descriptions will  
be available in an article (in review) that covers much of the same  
material (pre-prints available on request).

Kind regards,

M. Scott Marshall
LODD Chair,  on behalf of the LODD Editors and Contributors

IG Note (Draft)

P.S. Lee Harland just alerted me to a relevant resource that we will  
probably cite or otherwise integrate into the above note:
Looks very interesting:
Interactively Mapping Data Sources into the Semantic Web (presented at  

: Hilmar Lapp  -:- Durham, NC -:- informatics.nescent.org :

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