[tdwg-tag] Indicating living versus deceased status in Darwin Core

Jason Holmberg holmbergius at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 19:32:17 CET 2010

Hello! Apologies for the newbie question, which I am hoping has reached the
correct list.

I'm altering the names of tables in a mark-recapture database to reflect
Darwin Core labels as part of a larger open source initiative. I need to
indicate in a new field whether a whale shark sighting (occurrence)
represents a living or deceased whale shark. Which Darwin Core field would
best represent this? A look through the terms in the Quick Reference did not
yield an immeidate match for me, but apologies if I missed the obvious. Can
you recommend an appropriate field?

Thanks in advance!
Jason Holmberg
ECOCEAN Whale Shark Photo-identification Library
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