[tdwg-tag] provenance chains and DwC:recordedBy

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On 06/08/2010, at 19:59, Mark Wilden <mark at mwilden.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 8:16 AM, joel sachs <jsachs at csee.umbc.edu> wrote:
>> I think the obvious approach is to capture both the observer and
>> reporter of the data where appropriate, and maintain this distinction in
>> the data store. When we have to generate "pure" DwC records (for example,
>> for harvesting by GBIF), we map to DwC (sometimes in
>> a lossy manner). But is that obvious to everyone, or just to me?
> Sounds pretty darn obvious to me. :)
> You might want to capture the birthdays of your collectors' children,
> so you can send them nice gifts. Darwin Core is probably not going to
> support that in the near future.
> In the work I'm doing, there is a) a set of data, and b) a number of
> representations of that data. The elements in each don't map one to one.
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