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types are always associated directly with names and only indirectly with concepts ... typification is one of the cornerstones of nomenclature.


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I am currently trying to map the TDWG Ontology in terms of the CIDOC CRM. Now I have some issues in understanding fundamental parts of the TDWG Ontology and hope you kindly will help me:
- Is a CoreTypeSpecimenTypification always used for type-creation like the scope note of CoreTypification suggests?
- Is a CoreTypeSpecimenTypification used for type clarification (holotype/paratype)? 
- Why is it associated with the CoreTaxonName and not with the CoreTaxonConcept?
- Does BaseSpace represent geographic information (geographical polygons e.g. Africa, Berlin, ...)?
- Is CorePlace the exact gathering site in the polygon (e.g. a point in the polygon, a line in the polygon, the tree in the garden of the museum)

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